Get A Free Website Today!

Are you a startup?  Have a small business?  Low on funds and need a little help getting your technology going?  JM Consulting is pleased to offer you FREE space and design for your business website.  We will provide a server and a 1 page design for your FREE website.  If you want to design the first page yourself that is fine too!  We will give you full ability to make the website whatever you desire.  

Can you have email? – YES!

Can you add pictures? YES!

Can I have videos? YES!

You can do anything you like, the website is yours.  The only cost to you is the initial domain name purchase from any internet registrar, this runs $15 per year at

We will also help with basic tech support questions if you have them and help you get your email account going if you need it.  

This offer is good for 1 year, we only ask that you keep our branding link at the very bottom and if you need tech support you use our services for a nominal fee (but you can use someone else too, no worries).  

The website rebills at $25 per month after the first 12 months.

Please fill out the form below to get started with your new FREE website.

No adult sites, gambling, sites advocating violence, right wing, illegal, supporting illegal activites, spamming, warez, etc.  We reserve the right to shutdown the site at anytime during the year if you break these rules.