How Does Billing Work?

Billing is done exclusively via SQUARE.  

You will receive an invoice 7 days before a monthly payment is due, or 90 days before a yearly payment is due.  You will receive automated reminders as the billing date gets closer.

You can mail a company or personal check to.

JM Consulting

243 Northridge Rd

Columbus, Ohio 43214

What Happens If Payment Is Not Made?

If payment is more than 7 days late your web site will be suspended.  You will contact by email then finally by a phone number if we have one on file.  After 14 days your site will be archived and deleted.  There is a fee to obtain the archive of $100 and a fee of $100 to put your site back online after deletion.  

We are a one-on-one company.  If you have trouble, reach out to us, we can extend things for you, make exceptions, and help where needed.

How Do I Cancel Services?

All services need a 30 day notice to cancel.  This gives you time to move things or help get items in order for your move or cancelation.

This is why we bill 90 days in advance for yearly contracts, if you are going to change service or move it gives you time to get ready.

If you do not give 30 days notice, a $50 fee will be applied to your account IF you need help moving or archiving.  Otherwise, just inform us, we will send final invoices, and you are ready to leave.


Refunds are not available.  When you order a service, we purchase tools and acquire space/allocate time for your project.  Work is done and therefore cannot be refunded.


Advertising Disclaimer

When you purchase ads you are paying for a management fee and for funding that ad.

Funding for the ad is paid to the advertiser, typically Facebook, Google, Snap, Waze, Spotify, etc. 

Basically you are paying JM Consulting for creating and monitoring the ad.  While we strive to get leads/sales from your ads, we cannot guarantee any.  That being said, if you are successful, we are successful, we use the best pratices to make your ad a success.

With LEAD ADS, we run a campaign and gether email addresses of people who click on that ad and supply their contact info.  It is your job to reach out to these leads.  We do not do that portion for you.  We only use HIGH INTENT lead ads on Facebook. This means the person viewing the ad has to click 2/3 times to sign up for you ad.


About JM Consulting

How Long Have You Been In Business?

JM Consulting has been in business since 2002.

For the first 3 years we were known as PLAID7 Consulting in Tampa, Florida.

We initially were subcontracted to manage 3000 websites and content through a company called Custom Pro Design.  We built sites, helped customers and resolved server problems.

We were one of the first companies in Tampa to receive Google Search Professional certification. We started doing SEO campaigns, most of which are still operating today.

JM Consulting has industry certifications in the following:

  • Google Adwords Professional Google Analytics Academy
  • Google Online Marketing Fundamentals Bing Ads Professional
  • Apple Certified Systems Admin Apple Certified Mac Integration
  • Solaris 7/9 Certified Systems Admin Oracle Peoplesoft Dashboards & Reports
  • Adobe Certified Associate – Photoshop Google Certified Education Level 1
  • Twitter Flight School Brainbench Linux Certification
  • HIPAA Compliant Certified OS/X Fundamentals
  • Google Online Marketing Fundamentals SEM Rush Social Media Fundamentals
  • SEM Rush Online Marketing Toolkit Working With Diverse Populations
  • Excellent In Customer Service PHP4 Garage Certification
  • Linux Garage Certification


Why Choose JM Consulting?

The main reason we exist is to provide personal service in an age of big box tech.  At JM Consulting you can talk to a real person, often myself (JOE) the owner of the company. We are part of your team at a price you can afford.  It is often hard to find the budget for an in-house marketing or tech person, we can fill both roles at an affordable price.

JM Consulting gives you the honest facts, even if they do not suit you.

JM Consulting never has hard sell tactices, we offer you solutions, you choose if they are for you.

JM Consulting also gives you free advice, need help?  Just ask!

We can provide an array of professional references.

These days there are hosting and design options EVERYWHERE.  Agencies come and go faster than a blink of an eye.  

The problem is many of these agencies are younger and think that because they can post on Facebook and do a page boost they are advertisers.  There is a lot more to it than that.

We have a 20 year history of doing digital advertisements, we actually started way back in 1984 running advertisements online on Compuserver and BBS (Bulletin Board Systems).  There is so much more to it than just picking a photo and clicking post.

We want to give you real advertising with results based on A/B testing and our vast history of ads and knowledge.