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Content Creation

$500 A Month

Having constant, new, and good content is the cornerstone for building your web presence.  Content must be attuned to your brand, industry, and purpose or else your page will not rank well on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.  JM Consulting provides content creation at an affordable price. 

Monthly Blog – News Package $500 Per Month or $75 Per Article

  • 4 – 1000 Word Articles for your website.
  • Keyworded, Proper Subjects, and links.
  • Each article is written just for your site on not re-used.
  • You can put yourself or staff down as the author.
  • You own this content.
  • 1 adjustment allowed per article.  
  • These are well written by professionals, spelling, and grammar checked.
  • In article sources and links included.
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