Social Media Management

Engage and increase your user base.

Social media management and social media marketing is what we do. Why use your time doing these things when we specialize in doing them for you.  Spend time focusing on your business and let us grow your brand.

Social media influences every person out there today. Almost every purchase in influenced by social media, either an article, a post, a photo, everything. Do not let your business fall behind.

JM Consulting in Columbus, Ohio can post to your social channels for you daily, manage your social marketing campaigns, manage your pay per click, analyze your analytics, and engage and increase your user base with organic or paid content.  Let us help you grow.

We are certified in web and social media and our services include:

  • Social Media Marketing (social advertising)
  • Social Media Management (organic posting to your social channels)
  • Email Marketing (email campaigns in constant contact, Mailchimp, and more)
  • Web Design (responsive and mobile friendly)
  • Analytics (let data drive your decisions, not your gut)
  • Social Video Creation (we create eye catching 15 second spots for social)
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Social Media Management

Managed WordPress Hosting

We offer managed WordPress hosting to all of our clients.  Why worry about the administration of servers, daily backups, updating of plugins and site security when you can leave it all to us.  We have affordable personal and business plans for every site need.  Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth on top of the fastest servers in the industry.

managed wordpress hosting
senior living web design and social media management

Senior Living Web Design

JM Consulting is the leading technology-enabled marketing agency serving the senior living and healthcare community since 2002.  We have provided web and digital experiences to boost occupancy, provide continuum of care, branding, and digital planning for over 30 agencies and currently host over 80 sites.  Outstanding digital experiences are a requirement of a modern facility and seniors and their families demand it. Contact us and let us leverage our extensive senior living experience for you.


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