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Wordpress & Website Help

We can help you with your website, no matter what platform you are on.  Call Us. Email Us.


We specialize in Wordpress sites. We run the fastest Wordpress optimized servers on the web.  Do you need help with plugins? Has your Wordpress site been Attacked?  Database issues? We can help with any problem.  Call us.


Many sites are still built for speed and streamlined with static HTML pages. We are not these point and click kids of today, we made our bones in HTML sites.  Having HTML problems?  Want to roll back to faster pages?  Call us.

  1. Maintenance Plan- Have a lot of updates or just need some help throughout the month keeping your site up to date?  The maintenance plan is probably for you.  $75 a month gets you up to 5-10  updates on your site a month.  Easy to use plan for constant site maintenance for the active site.  Call us.
  2. Hourly Updates - Do you have just a few things you would like fixed?  We can do hourly work on your website for just $25 an hour. Call us.
  3. Something else - Let us know what you need and we can give you a quote within 24 hours.  Scripting, rebuilding, structure, branding, anything you need. Call us.


If you need help with Drupal we are your peeps.  We have worked directly with Acquia on setting up Drupal/Acquia sites that have over 50k pages.  Website Drupal help.


Running a user experience dedicated site with multi-channel marketing needs?  We are fully experienced with managing Sitecore websites.  


We all have to start somewhere but at some point we have to try and get Wix to do something it just doesn't want to. If you need changes to your site or want to move away from Wix we are ready.


Squarespace is similar to Wix in that its great for beginners but sometimes you need it to do more or you need to move off of it.  We are experts at manipulating and moving sites away from Squarespace.


Running a Joomla site can be very challenging.  The directory structure is complex and it is often attacked.  We are highly experienced at hardening and manipulating Joomla sites.


Shopify is great for easily setting up a site that sells products and items.  We can help setup your shopify, install plugins and modules, and get your Shopify where it needs to be.


Trying to run an online course?  Moodle is an opensource platform similar to Blackboard that allows you to run and charge for online courses. We are experts at LMS sytems and can help and host Moodle sites.


A werid platform that is a little less known but that doesn't stop JMC. We are experts at working in the Kajabi interface. Adding modules and SEO, give us a call for Kajabi help.

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