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Web Design

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Often with website design you are getting nickle and dimed to death as you add features and parts.  At JMC we consider each piece intregal to the process.  Each website we build comes with yearly hosting, domain name, SEO, Analytics, SSL, CDN and all the pages you need for your business.  Other companies will charge extra for each of these services, we know they are critial and include it all in the cost. 

Website Design

Having a great design is what catches someones eye. We have done over 2000+ websites since 2002 and love working with you to make a website design you love.  See our customers here.


What is the point of having a website if nobody can find it?  We work with people building SEO into the site from the beginning so when launched you have a great chance at success Without SEO you don't exist.


All of our websites are built with responsive design.  This means you can view them on phones and tablets without having to pinch and zoom all the time. Easy to use, all sites are built with mobile customers in mind.


Each website has Google Analytics built in so you can see what pages people are using, what searches people are using to find your page, and how people are using the content. 

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