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Photography &
Video Shoots

A great way to get your message out there. Schedule a photography or video shoot for your website or social media. Call Us. Email Us.

  • Video Shoots - Need help filming something for your business? We provide affordable and fast solutions to meet your video needs.  Typically billed hourly at $75 per hour, each shoot includes full editing of the footage to meet your needs.  Great for social media and perfect for websites.  Video gets the most engagement of any other medium (photos, text, whitepapers, etc).  Book A Shoot Today.
  • Social Video Creation - Looking for a video without an actual full shoot? We can create a small video for your business using your products, logo, stock images, and stock clips. These are excellent for social media and great for ads. A social video costs $75 for a video around 20 seconds.  These are excellent and get better engagement and attention than a simple photo. Order One Today.

Example Social Video

Video content gets almost 500% more engagement than a static image. It gives people the feel of your business and attracts the short attention span of people looking at social media and the web. Let JM Consulting create a video for you. Check out this example. More examples are available here on YouTube.

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