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WAZE advertising in Columbus is affordable and effective.

Advertise your business on the Waze map.
Reach nearby drivers on the Waze navigation app with your ad.
Track your ads in real time.
A solution for every budget.
20% avg. navigation increase (Waze Study).

Pins alert drivers that your business is nearby, marking your location on the Waze map with important info like business address, hours, phone number, and deals.


An easy way to get started on WAZE. Invest $200 a month and get a customized ad for WAZE and Monthly Reporting.


Have a little bit more budget and want to see greater returns on your investment? The business package starts at $500 per month and includes reporting and up to 4 ads.


The advantage package is our custom package for large companies with multiple locations and a larger budget. Spend starts at $1000 per month and includes unlimited ads.

JM Consulting is WAZE Certified!


Waze is the social navigation pioneer, leveraging mobile technology and a passionate global community to redefine expectations of today’s maps. Waze is home to the world’s largest network of drivers who work together daily to outsmart traffic and save time and money. The app consistently recommends the fastest routes based on real-time driving and data from millions of users. From traffic reroutes to low gas price alerts and relevant offers from favorite brands, Waze is one of the most comprehensive driving companions in the marketplace. To download the free Waze app for iOS or Android, visit http://www.waze.com/get. For more information on Waze privacy policy, visit https://www.waze.com/legal/privacy.

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