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Super Fast Wordpress Web Hosting

Arguably The Fastest Wordpress Hosts In The USA.
For Those Serious About Their Web Projects.
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Ready For The Fastest Hosting Around

Conversions fall by 12% for every extra second a webpage takes to load. If you want people to engage with your brand and improve the performance of your campaigns, you have to speed things up. Our hosting offers a way for you to give users a faster experience everywhere -- on ads, landing pages or your entire website.  Each package is $25 per month and includes 10gb of storage space and 100gb a month in bandwidth usage. Free SSL certificate.  Free CDN. Free tech support and troubleshooting.  We even move your current Wordpress site over for FREE!

Why Use JMC Hosting

  • PERFOMANCE - To provide you with superior page loading SPEED through brand new high-spec SSD servers (that we actually own, not rent) that are deliberately UNDERloaded with accounts and sites – optimized machines that perform VERY well under very heavy traffic loads.
  • SUPPORT -To offer you 24/7/365 Live Chat/Ticket SUPPORT through experienced WordPress support agents who understand WP and hosting backwards and forwards and help is just a click away.  We help you with issues, and we help you move your site.
  • AMAZING - If you have never been on a fast Wordpress host, you do not know what you are missing.  Things appear almost instantly with every click, decrease development time, users are engaged more, your time is used valuably, not waiting for a page to appear.
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