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Settle Your Debt Below And Your Name & Info Will Be Removed.


Hernando Posada ordered a logo from us. It took us 2 days and he selected a logo for $50.  He didn't request we print it but requested we add crop marks and bleed marks for his printer (apparently his printer can't do this).  We did this and sent it over again for an additional $20.  This was all paid timely.

About a week later he requests changes to the logo (after accepting the final copy).   He didn't like the initial blue because after printing it looked purple.So for no charge we adjusted the logo and changed all the colors he requested.

About 4 more days go by, he then requests that we send over 3 copies of each business card but JUST the black lettering because his printer cannot seperate that out.  We did this as well for no charge.

Another week goes by and he states he wants one of the original designs (one he turned down initially).  I said it would be an additional cost to redo the entire card AGAIN. Hernando Posada agrees.  We send over the work and an invoice for an additional $50.

A day goes by and he then requests to remove all the color from the image and send only the LOGO portion of the entire image.  We sent this over.

Now its post 30 days, no payment after multiple requests.  $25 dollar late fee is applied and will accumulate until a max of 90 days ($75).

Right now COMPASS LTD and Hernando Posada are on our debt list and until this is resolved this page will stay active.

Of course there are two sides to every story, but the real story is, if you order services, please pay your bill.

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